The Method of Study

What we can derive as as principle from any successful act is achieved gradually just as many dream lets join themselves into a large dream. But every bit of hope and dream should be achieved quickly and with perseverance.

It is persons who have both knowledge and experience that are able to see that things of the mind are more desirable than those of the body. Able psychologists have express their opinion that education in drawing is similar to that in a language, that is to say, in learning to express one's ideas understandably. Thus art is a means of expressing one's feeling just like language and gestures. In practicing to draw, learning straight and curved lines is comparable to performing physical exercises at a fixed spot. Later stages in the practice are comparable to more complicated movements like walking and running. With advancing knowledge, the students acquire discernment and learn to think creatively.

Designing is, therefore, the most important of the stages. Its most important feature is the ability of the artist to identify himself with the minds of others. But the correct order for learning these stages cannot be laid down by anybody accept through trails and a knowledge of psychology.