Premilinary Practice

Preliminary Practice
First notice the growth and the branching of the patterns such as those of
Tendril PatternPattern of stolons with chipped sides, andPattern of stolons with chipped sides and chipped "ngao".("ngao" is the base or the spacing element of the principal mass.)Flickering lines.Practical rules for beginners are as follows :
Fig. 1. The basic line should be drawn upwards.
Fig. 2 First draw the middle line upwards and then from the upper end of this line draw two side - line downwards.
Fig. 3 First draw the line as in Fig.1 and then draw the chipping lines.
Fig. 4 As indicated by 1,2,3 respectively.

Premilinary Practice, thai art

1. Tendrils 2. Stolons 3. Stolons with chipped sides. 4. A fluttering tape.

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