Learning traditional Thai design with Jitdrathanee

Jitdrathanee this website will teach you for basic Thai design.

1. Drawing Mae Krajang Design
2. Making Edging on the Design
3. Drawing Prajam Yam Design
4. Drawing Poom Khao Bin Design
5. Drawing Kranok Design (Single)
6. Making the Insides and Making Edgings in Kranok Design
7. Drawing Hang Lai (the tail) of the Design
8. Drawing Kranok Plial Design
9. Drawing the Insides and Making Edgings on Krank Plial Design

This 's a sample of the exercise book from Jitdrathanee. which you can buy it from them.

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  1. These are amazing. Do you happen to know any Lai Thai artists that might be able to re-imagine a simple company logo using the Lai Thai style?